Thursday, February 14, 2013

Living Literacy in the Classroom [Grade 3/4]

submitted by Mona Ruecker [Instructional Consultant]

Great Literacy work is happening in Carleen Onieu's grade 3 and 4 classroom at Wascana School.  I met with Carleen this morning to capture the essence of her Literacy:  Planning, Instruction and Use of Resources.  We took pictures of work examples.  It was simply amazing, listening and learning from this knowledgeable teacher.  The information below only begins to tell the story, of what Carleen does in Literacy.  Contact Carleen at for more information. 

  • Ministry outcomes including:  Student and parent friendly language, Long term goals aligned in monthly daily 5 components 
  • Daily 5 components (listen to reading, read to self, word work, work on writing, read with someone)are planned for in monthly blocks, throughout the school year
  • Cafe strategies incorporated ( comprehension, accuracy, fluency, expanding vocabulary)
Whole Group
  • Each day begins with a check in and monitoring of each students' Home Reading program
  • A specific reading strategy is modelled for the students
Small Group
  • Students work through the components of Daily 5 within a variety of flexible groupings
  • Students may complete three of the five components daily
  • Teacher works with students
  • Students practice their reading strategies independently while the teacher works one on one and with small groups of students
  • Daily 5 and Cafe I-Charts (created by Mrs. Goski)
  • Extensive classroom library
  • Teacher created "strategy reading logs"
  • Graphic organizers for reading and writing
  • Structure is modeled from:  Daily 5 and Cafe by "The Sisters"

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