Thursday, March 14, 2013

Modeling Explore +4

Erin Toppings was looking for something to help give her more time to help individual students in her classroom. She had implemented the Daily 5 at the beginning of the school year and noticed how her students became independent learners right from day one. Why not in math? Luckily there was an alternative.

Explore +4 is a balanced approach to numeracy that focuses on curriculum outcomes. This structure develops independence and stamina in math and emphasizes individual student goals. The attached video of Erin Toppings Grade 2/3 classroom shows all of the components of Explore +4 but focuses primarily on the routines that are important to consider while implementing the structure.

Ms. Toppings has used this approach at Dr. A.E. Perry School in her Grade 2/3 class with great success. As one student pointed out recently, "I love Explore+4 and before I didn't like math".

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