Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Walk with me.....

Posted by:  Deb Kivela [Instructional Consultant]

The learning that I’ve experienced in Regina Public Schools never ceases to humble and inspire me. My sincere gratitude goes out to all the administrators, teachers and students that I work with and learn from daily. I, in a position of supporting others, am learning the most! I am the privileged student. 

I strongly believe that, as educators, we learn the most from each other in the field. Sharing teaching “tips” and stories of classroom successes can have a huge impact on our practices and encourage us to try new ways to improve student learning. The trust and respect we carry while walking along the same path in our schools leads us to valuable, authentic, just-in-time professional learning. It flows from colleague to colleague and can build tremendous capacity within our school and division. 

Author of Pyramid Response to Intervention, Mike Mattos says, “PLC’s are not a meeting… they are an ongoing, never-ending, collaborative process focused on student learning.” I totally agree. 

What a LIFT to any of us in the education profession when you hear the excitement and engagement of a colleague behind the words, “You’ve got to come in and see this! “ or “Have you heard of this?” or “Look at this student’s work! “ It can’t help but motivate and encourage us! 

Recently, gr. 6/7 teacher, Kristopher Jan at Milliken School proudly shared his practices with digital literacy, bring your own device ( BYOD), peer editing of writing projects on line and flipping his classroom by videotaping a lesson for a substitute teacher to use the next day! I have learned to never underestimate the WOW factor of technology to support the curriculum and enhance student learning when the tools are authentically included. I’m sure the sub was impressed with the innovative planning. 


Kris’s added excitement with learning integers (Outcome N 7.6) on a walking number line encouraged me to watch his class using guided math stations. I was impressed to see all students engaged in learning about integers symbolically, pictorially and concretely. This video shows best practices with flexible groupings, technology integration and hands on (as well as feet) learning. Playing with integers is shared from Mr. Jan and his students to you, his colleagues. We hope you’ll want to play too! 


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