Thursday, May 16, 2013

As Legend Has It...

There was once a dedicated Gr. 4/5 teacher who wanted to engage young minds and improve student learning.  She was eager to try new ways to integrate all subject areas, differentiate instruction, provide flexible groupings for the diverse needs in her classroom, include aboriginal perspectives, promote inquiry learning, be accountable to the curriculum outcomes and use technology authentically. She welcomed peer collaboration and team teaching. She was willing to take risks and learn along with her students. She had a clear vision and destination in mind.

This is Mrs. Gerbascher’s story:   Walk With Me: A Literature Inquiry of FirstNations/Metis Legends.

Step 1-Planning from Curriculum Outcomes in ELA, Social Studies, Art and Treaty Education specifically focused on our First Nations/Metis culture and worldview.

Step 2 - Know the students. RAD and Fountas and Pinnel pre assessments were used to guide instructional reading levels, plan for differentiation and flexible groups.

Step 3 - Planning Formative and Summative Assessments. Designing evaluation rubrics linked to EAL outcomes in Reading and Writing. Daily observations, student- teacher conferences and evaluation of Reading Response Journals included.

Step 4- Collecting Legend Resources (student books in school library, from other schools, on line legends and literature kits from Central office)

Step 5- Introduction of the “Legend” Literacy Inquiry to students
What is a legend? What is the Author’s purpose? How are legends from other countries the same?

Step 6 -Model the process of an Inquiring Reader.

I Do. We Do. You do.  Visualize and be meta-cognitive. What are you thinking and wondering? 

Incorporate the Daily Five” Structure with guided reading instruction and independent learning.

Open the attachments below for more detailed planning and specific resources of Mrs. G’s “Walk With Me” Legend Inquiry. 

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