Friday, May 10, 2013

Planning and Organization is the Key!

Posted by Starla Nistor [Superintendent of Student Achievement]

I recently had the opportunity to visit with Ashley Tarr, a grade 4/5 and 8 teacher at Ruth Pawson School. During our conversation she shared her planning for two units in math (Gr. 4 and Gr. 8) as well as an integrated unit for grade 4/5. I am so impressed with the organization and planning of our teachers and their work to promote student engagement and improve student performance. Special thanks to Shawna Stangel, consultant with RPS for her assistance with Ashley as well.

Below are the links to their planning:

Ashley also shared the pictures below of the visuals in her classroom using Explore +4

Explore+4 Management Board

Explore+4 I-chart


Math Word Wall

Another great example of excellent planning and organization, thank you for sharing Ashley!

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