Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Creating belonging at École Elsie Mironuck School

At the end of October, students in Ms. Tricia Racette’s Grade 5/6 at École Elsie Mironuck Community School, along with members of the support staff and school counsellor Christina Shordee, experienced an amazing team building opportunity that allowed students to focus on their own learning styles.  Students came together in a variety of roles to complete a builder’s kit.  The builder’s kit was essentially a number of wooden panels, in different shapes and sizes, with some tools, screws and bolts.  The students were then required to determine their own roles in the process (foreman, construction, demolition, design engineers, etc.) and when ‘outside’ experts may be required for further help. 

The final product!

Ms. Shordee worked with the class to help them better understand themselves, learn problem solving skills, and how they can contribute to the group.  She introduced the five point scale so that students were able to determine their point of frustration as working with a large group that is student-driven can be a difficult task!

Dr. Tim Feeney’s concepts around goal setting and the utilization of self-regulatory scripts were also introduced to the class and reinforced throughout the process.  The goal of the activity was to encourage students to find ways to work together, to recognize when they were becoming frustrated and respond appropriately and to accomplish the task as a group.  It was an amazing opportunity for the students and they did a fantastic job creating the final product.

Other classes in the school also had the opportunity to take advantage of this skill building activity.  The grade 8 class (M. Crawford / M. Motlik) was able to better learn how to work together and collaborate as well.

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