Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Discover, Design, Deliver

Upon entering the front doors of Lakeview School. and turning right down the first hall you can hear a "buzz" in one of the classrooms. Students are interacting with planets at the Smartboard, sitting on the floor making models, investigating questions on laptops and are working alone and in small groups. A student offers me a chair and table and lets the teacher know I am there. The teacher comes and excitedly shares the outcomes the students are focusing on and invites me to be part of their learning environment. 

Engagement, In-depth Understanding and Focus are the pillars of Cindy Rice's Inquiry classroom. She creates a structure that moves students through their learning: Discover, Dream, Design and Deliver (adapted from U of BC). Watch the video below and experience the life of "Inquiring Minds" with Cindy's grade 5/6 students. 

Link to Hole in The Wall:    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sugata-... You may contact Cindy if you have any questions: cindy.rice@rbe.sk.ca

Posted by Mona Ruecker [Instructional Consultant]

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