Friday, January 24, 2014

Focusing on Assessment Leads to Instructional Change

submitted by:  Mona Ruecker [Instructional Consultant]

Watch this 6 minute video and see how an English teacher, at Balfour Collegiate, transforms his classroom to highly impact student learning.  His goal is to " Make learning VISIBLE:  Enable the teacher to see learning through the eyes of the students, Enable the students to see themselves as their own teachers."  Hattie, 2009 

Ryan begins the journey in September, 2013, moderating the Grade 11 Value Added Assessment of  Writing (VAAW), with colleagues.  Ryan said "I need to do more with this assessment, it is good and it aligns with my outcomes."  From there, Ryan takes the completed assessments and dialogues with the students about their skills, in various areas.  Students focus on the goals (outcomes) and choose the area they will work on.  Ryan creates a bin, with  resources, in all 5 of the writing areas.  Students choose resources that will help them learn their goal (fill in the gaps).  Ryan then instructs Reading outcomes through a similar process as writing, using the OCA/RAD assessment.

Ryan has created VISIBLE learning in his classroom.  Please contact if you have further questions.  How can you make your students learning and classroom more VISIBLE?

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