Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Looping at Wilfred Hunt School - Part 2

High Impact Learning Strategies

Did you watch "Looping Part 1"?
If you haven't take a quick look now.  It is only 10 minutes long.  It was posted last week.  
In the video, parents tell their story of "Looping" or what it is like having their child with the same teacher for two years.  Parents show us how the teachers:  Prepared them before school started, Created a positive atmosphere, Helped them learn the expectations, "Liked" their child and Always saw their childs' potential...and much more!

John Hattie's eight Mind Frames are embedded into the video, and remind us that we must work together,  and take responsibility for our students' learning.

"Looping Part 2"  Now you can meet the teachers, see their classrooms and best of all...find out the high impact strategies they make happen everyday!  The high impact strategies are based from John Hattie's first book  in 2009, "Visible Learning."   Hattie's is one of the top selling education books in the world,  His research includes over 800 meta-analysis and includes 250 million children.  

Watch Linda and Lana, as they put Hattie's findings into action!

Stay tuned next week for Looping Part 3......What is the evidence of student learning?

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