Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Video Project: Primary Math Games

When linking curriculum, assessment, and instruction in primary mathematics, teachers may turn to an excellent resource provided to them in their Diagnostic Numeracy Math kit: the Teacher's Resource Guide. Within this booklet, a selection of math games are described which link directly to the assessment and the outcomes for the particular grade level.   Although the games are described in detail, we thought it would be great to work with a group of students and have them explain & demonstrate the games to us. Kali Bortis, a Grade Two teacher at Dr. Hanna School, graciously invited us into her classroom to work with her students.  Prior to working with the students, Kali met with us to review her assessment results and collaboratively we chose the games to introduce to the students. Over a number of visits to the classroom, we taught the students a variety of games using ten frame cards, playing cards, and counters. The students then became "teachers" and were able to teach other students the math games. Next, we recorded samples of the students as they played the games. Our final product, shared below, highlights simple math games you can teach your students and also ways which these games can be differentiated for your learners. 

Michele Roland Semenchuck, Instructional Consultant
L.J. Dowell-Hantelmann, Numeracy Coordinator

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