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Albert1340 Robinson St. S4T 2N4
Arcola2315 Abbott Rd. S4N 2K2
Argyle2941 Lakeview Ave. S4S 1G8
Henry Braun710 Graham Rd. S4N 7A5
Judge Bryant2828 Dewdney Ave. S4N 5G8
Ruth M. Buck6330 7th Ave. N. S4T 7F1
Centennial6903 Dalgliesh Dr. S4X 3A1
M. J. Coldwell103 Fairview Rd. S4R 0A6
Connaught2124 Elphinstone St. S4T 3N6
Coronation Park3105 4th Ave. N. S4R 0V2
Davin2401 Retallack St. S4T 2L2
Douglas Park635E Douglas Ave. S4N 1H7
Dr. George Ferguson117 Brotherton Ave. S4N 0J8
W. H. Ford480 Rink Ave. S4X 1S7
Glen Elm1225E 9th Ave. S4N 0H4
Grant Road2501 Grant Rd. S4S 5E7
Dr. L. M. Hanna55 Davin Cres. S4R 7E4
Haultain1033 Edgar St. S4N 3J5
W. S. Hawrylak2530 Assiniboine Ave. E. S4V 2R6
Wilfred Hunt101 Mayfield Rd. S4V 0B5
Imperial200 Broad St. S4R 1W9
Henry Janzen222 Rink Ave. S4R 7T8
Kitchener840 Athol St. S4T 3B5
Lakeview3100 20th Ave. S4S 0N8
George Lee180 Wells St. S4R 5Z7
Jack MacKenzie3838 Buckingham Dr. E. S4V 3A1
MacNeill6215 Whelan Dr. S4X 3P6
Massey131 Massey Rd. S4S 4N3
McDermid139 Toronto St. S4R 1L8
Gladys McDonald335N Garnet St. S4R 3S8
McLurg125 Paynter Cres. S4X 2A9
Marion McVeety38 Turgeon Cres. S4S 3Z7
Ethel Milliken4510 Queen St. S4S 6K9
Elsie Mironuck18 Wakefield Cres. S4R 4T3
Ruth Pawson40 Weekes Cres. S4R 6X7
Dr. A. E. Perry93 Lincoln Dr. S4S 6P1
W.F. Ready2710 Helmsing St. S4V 0W9
Rosemont841 Horace St. S4T 5L1
Thomson2033 Toronto St. S4P 1N2
Walker5637 7th Ave. S4T 0S9
Wilfrid Walker2102E Wagman Dr. S4V 0R1
Wascana4210 4th Ave. S4T 0H6
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Thom Collegiate
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