Welcome to RPSConnectED

Clear communication and sharing can be a difficult process in an organization that is as large as Regina Public Schools.  To that end we will be using this blog as a method of enhancing communication and to help build connections among teachers.  Our primary purpose is to provide a simple way for teachers to connect around common questions, share ideas and to ultimately share content, activities, projects and professional practice.

What would be great, and what we will encourage, is for each of us to grow our own personal learning network [PLN] and for those individual networks to grow into something larger and meaningful for all of us.  One notion we do have as instigators ofRPSConnectED is that each of you might start with your own professional blog.  As a place to share ideas, foster conversation and to begin your PLN journey there is nothing better.  We also hope that this grows to encompass other social networking tools that have so much potential to connect what we do.  

Initially, this blog will be a starting point. Posts will begin to appear on this blog that relate to instruction, classroom management, assessment, educational technology, resources, inquiry, etc. Whatever is of importance to RPS teachers we hope will ultimately be discussed, presented or provided on this blog and through the larger informal network that is created by all of you.

So the journey begins.  We are excited about the possibilities and what grows from your active participation.